Tuesday, 2 December 2008

*For just another ordinary day..

Mitch's Albom's book on "For One More Day", poses the question to all who has lost a loved one and think, what would I do if I could have him or her back for just one more day?

So many thoughts raced through my mind. What would I really want to do if i had Ben back, even if it was only for just one more day? If only I could savour just one more of that ordinary day like we had shared for our last 20 years of our marriage.

I miss his cheeky smile and the twinkle in his eye. I wish to feel the warmth of his hand and sit quietly with him and stare out at the greens and blooms in our garden with our cup of coffee's aroma wafting through the air, and maybe chat for hours like we used to concerning the most trivial and unimportant things around us. I long to be lost in his hugs and in knowing i am his world.

To just hear his laughter and generous compliments.. or his wisdom just one more day. To see him enjoying his time with the boys whether in recreation or just doing a simple task together. To see his smile and pride beaming through in the reflection of his eyes.

To hear his hearty chuckle when we say something funny. To hear his familiar whistle as he comes through the door every evening. To see his face of contentment when I've cooked him his favourite food.

To just snuggle up and lie beside him and hear his heartbeats in my ear. To hear his snore in the nights.. To hear his loud clearing of his throat in the morning.

To hear him say to me, just one more time.. that he will always love me- even beyond infinity.... for just one more day.